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At Castello Wellness, we take a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss. We use lifestyle modification like eating habits and exercising. We also can utilize a variety of medications and offer the HCG protocol. We chose the best treatment option for each individual so they can acheive lasting results.
Weight Loss Options

Our Philosophy

Each patient looking to lose weight has a different background and different goals. We customize our weight loss treatments for each patient, which gives us the best possible outcome. We use a variety lifestyle and medical therapies to acheive our goals and offer fitness and nutrition guidance.We start with a detailed history about your weight loss struggle. Rule out any underlying causes. From there we develop a comprehensive weight management program for our patients.


Lifestyle Modification

When deciding to lose weight, you must be committed to making a lifestlye change or you will gain the weight back. This means analyzing what you are currently eating and discovering what is "good" what is "bad" and how to improve the "bad." These changes must be maintained long term in order to maintain weight loss. That means you must make dietary changes and compromises that you are comfortable maintaining for life. You also have to look at your activity level and see how you can improve upon that to. At Castello Wellness, we guide you throught his complicated process and offer you the tools you need to be successful long term.



We utilize a variety of medications including appetite suppressants and new drugs that act on dopamine and seratonin receptors in the brain. We also use diabetic medications that help alter poor metabolisms in non-diabetic patients. These drugs have been proven effective and are FDA approved for weight loss.

  • Adipex (phentermine), as an appetite suppressant can be successful in an appropriate patient. It controls appetite allowing you to be more successful with cutting back on calories.

  • Belviq is a newer appetite suppressant.

  • Contrave is a combination of 2 older drugs that decrease craving and increase willpower.

  • Saxenda  is a once a day injection that slows the emptying of the stomach and sends a satiety signal to the brain.

  • Qsymia is a combination of phentermine and another drug called Topamax which has long been associated with weight loss.

  • Orlistat is available over the counter as Alli, and a stronger prescription version called Xenical. It blocks fat absorption in the gut.

Metformin, Victoza and Byetta (diabetic medications), in the right patient can have significant benefits by altering metabolic problems that contribute to weight gain and obesity, even in a non-diabetic patient.

We also utilize a great company that has masters trained exercise physiologists, dietitians and psychologists to teach you how to exercise and eat right, as well as working on the psychological issues associated with obesity.

HCG Protocol

HCG is designed for patients who want to be as aggressive as possible with their weight loss efforts. This regimen focuses on doing daily painless injectipons at home while consuming a 500 calorie per day diet. The injection is HCG, a hormone that tells your body to use your stored fat for fuel. Obviously if you only ate 500 calories a day, you would lose weight. But the HCG ensures that the weight you lose is fat, not muscle, and therefore your body doesn't go into startvation mode and your metabolism doesn't slow down. This is a great jump start for patients who are looking for quick results to keep them motivation long term. Patient typically do injections while on the diet for 23-40 days and typically lose 15-25 pounds.


Vitamin B12 and MIC/B-complex Injections

Vitamin B12 is known as the energy vitamin. It plays a vital role in our metabolism and boosts energy, helping to give you the boost you need to workout.

MIC/B-complex injections contain B12 and a variety of other B vitamins to help boost energy and stimulate metabolism. These injections also include three powerful fat burners: methionine, inositol, and choline; which help the body break down fat and use it for energy.


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