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Patients visiting Castello Wellness receive a full range of medical services. We provide general medical consultations, as well as treatment for specific illnesses and issues. Our goal is to always focus on wellness and prevetion in order to limit chronic disease and illness. We also specialize in weight loss, testosterone replacement, hormone replacement, and hair loss treatments.
We welcome new patients to our practice and always have same day appointment availability.
Family Practice Services
We offer a wide array of general family practice services. We provide care to patients of all ages including infants through geriatric patients. We offer well visits and preventative exams, immunizations, management of chronic illnesses and diseases, treatment of acute illness and trauma. Click our Family Practice link for more information.
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement
We use new innovative medical techniques for our hormone replacement therapies.Our treatments consist of bioidentical hormones and each pateint's treatment regimen in completely individualized for their unique needs. To find out more about our different treatment options click the Bioidentical Hormone Replacement link.
Testosterone Replacement
Dr Castello and Erin Valentino PA-C both have extensive experience with testosterone replacement for men. They use a variety of techniques to offer safe and effective results to patients. Click our Testosterone Replacement link for more information.
Medically Managed Weight Loss
Each patient looking to lose weight has a different background and different goals. We customize our weight loss treatments for each patient, which gives us the best possible outcome. We use a variety lifestyle and medical therapies to acheive our goals and offer fitness and nutrition guidance. To learn more about our various treament options, click our Weight Loss link.
Hair Loss Treatments
At Castello Wellness, we utilize non invasive hair loss treatments. These options are a great alternative to other hair replacement procedures and surgeries. Click our Hair Loss link for more information.


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